The experience and expertise to move for your business, organization or project forward.
Public Affairs


Our public affairs services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

Public affairs campaigns typically consist of several dynamic parts including government relations, community outreach and advertising. Stephen Reid Associates are recognized experts at effective public affairs campaigns. Learn more about how we can help move your issue or project ahead in the public eye. 



Communicating effectively with elected officials can make the difference in your proposal or project being approved or rejected.

Don't take chances hoping that elected officials will understand and agree with your side. Outreach to elected officials at the local, county, state and federal level has been a hallmark of our work for decades.

Community Relations


Having the public on your side can make or break your cause, project or organization.


Neighborhood outreach, informational sessions, media visibility and public momentum are crucial to some projects or propsals. Taking the right initial steps with your community relations is pivotal to producing winning solutions for all stakeholders.

Public Relations


Being seen in the press and media can mean the difference between winning and losing, succeeding or failing, approval or rejection.

Now more than ever, local media coverage is all about relavant stories and the right relationships. Your media pitches, interviews and placements must serve your efforts, increase your visibility and build positive momentum.

Crisis Communications


A crisis is the time when communications are put to the test.

When a crisis does unfold, your communication plan needs to be documented, understood and ready to implement. That's no time for improvisation or wondering if you're handling the situation correctly. Prepare in advance and be ready to overcome any crisis your organization faces.

Messaging and Marketing


Messaging and marketing is built in to so much of what we provide for our clients.

We go beyond media and elected officials by creating web presenses, social media campaigns and online advertising that gets your message seen by your audience.